Like slot machines, roulette wheels are almost a must-have in any casinos. It is one of the easiest gamest to play and can get addicting when winning just like any other game. However, veterans and old-timers will know that there are a few tips and tricks to increase chances of winning and earning more through the roulette wheel.

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The Outside Tables

It has been suggested by many to play a roulette that is free. For that, and generally any roulette, betting on the outside can return more profit in the long run whether red or black, odd or even, and high or low.

Observe Before Playing

When deciding to play, take a time to observe the results of the next few rounds. This way, the player has a clue on which to bet on. This is a trick that many roulette players used to win consistently.


No matter what you do, practicing will always pay off in the end. When new to the game, players should first try out the free tables just to get a feel of it.

Save Winnings

A good roulette player will know that they will either have to leave with earnings or leave with the same amount of money. When players win, always keep amount won and only bet the money initially allotted.

European Roulette Table

There are usually two kinds of roulettes: the American and the European. The double 00 on the American table actually decreases the player’s chance of winning. Thus it would be better to play on a European table.

Roulette Wheels Online

It is not uncommon for people to play roulette wheels online at the comfort of their homes. However, be doubly careful of the site to play in and make sure that they are sites that are reputable based on other players’ experience. In addition, always play a wheel with a random number generator and avoid biases.