Garden Buffet Windsor: The Buffet You Can Experience at Home

Anyone looking to fill their stomach while having a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines would more often than not decide to go to a buffet. In most occasions, customers would either need to make a reservation or risk waiting in line for an open table. What about a buffet experience at home? Garden Buffet Windsor definitely has something to say about that.

The Food

Garden Buffet’s specialty is mainly Chinese as seeing the place would already give customers hints on that. They have a wide selections of sushi on their sushi bar. Customers can even head to a station where they choose the food they want to eat and the chefs will cook it right in front of them. They serve nearly 30 different Chinese dishes with roast beef and BBQ beef short ribs. A fresh salad bar is also available as well as classic Asian soups. When all that is done, Garden Buffet suggests to head down over to their dessert section. With crème brûlée, different flavors of ice cream, their popular cheesecakes, customers will want to make some more room in their bellies.

Take Out

Customers will have their favorites from the buffet and want to take some home. With Garden Buffet, they can actually do so. They offer a take-out menu that lists everything customers saw in the buffet area and can order specific dishes to take home. To add to that, they even offer free dishes when taking home food worth over a certain amount. The more food ordered for take out, the bigger the free dish is.

New Promos

Garden Buffet has new promos customers may want to try on their next visit. They serve their special drinks which change daily and on Tuesday and Thursdays, fora discounted price of $3.95, customers can get a pint of their draught beers. This includes Coors Light, Stella Artoris, Alexander Keith’s IPA, and Sapporo.

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