Poker Lotto Numbers: How to Play Poker Lotto

Poker is one of the most popular card games played anywhere especially in casinos. The same could be said for people playing their chances at the lottery. That said, some casinos actually a game with both elements called Poker Lotto. Although the rules and procedures in getting a ticket may be different, there are general guidelines that all casinos that offer Poker Lotto follow.

Getting a Ticket

As it is a lottery, people will need to get a ticket to enter the game. However, there is no need to fill out anything such as choosing numbers. Since this is also poker, when customers buy a ticket, it is similar to buying a hand. The ticket, has 5 cards like a regular poker hand, which customers will have to look out for during the lottery draw.


Most casinos and lottery retailers allow poker lotto players to win in two ways: either instantly when they get their ticket or during the nightly draw when their cards match the drawn cards. Players may win instantly when they form a poker hand or combo. The same hierarchy of hands is followed as in regular poker. The better the hand, the higher the prize. BCLC’s Poker Lotto for example can win you up to $5,000 dollars instantly when your hand forms a royal flush. The lowest anyone can win is $2 with a hand with two pairs.

Like in any lottery, the nightly draw is what many players look out for. This is where the big prizes come in. Casinos under Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) currently offers up to an estimate of $65,000 prize money. They even feature previous winners that have claimed up to $100,000. This happens when the cards drawn matches exactly the cards on your ticket which is generally like any lottery. Some casinos offer more gimmicks to their Poker Lotto. OLG, for example, allows players to all in enabling them to win nearly double the prize.

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